About the Company

In today’s busy world, mobile marketing is proving to be more effective each day by connecting and communicating with customers.
We are the first mobile marketing company in Albania and since 2009 we have helped hundreds of businesses meet their marketing needs. Our platforms are simple to understand and to use, with little or no training required.
We pride ourselves on offering easy and cost-effective solutions.

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Why us

The years we have been in business happened to be very crucial for the rise of the smartphone technology. Through cautious observation, we identified what makes your SMS marketing experience more effective.

Contacts, groups & personalisation.

The ability to create groups really facilitates how your message is delivered.
The SMS marketing is offered in high delivering capacities at the same time, at a large number of recipients.
The best part is that the message can be the same or personalized!

Message scheduling.
Any date. Any time.

With SMS scheduling you can schedule all of your SMS - appointment reminders, promotions, greetings and notifications.
This option has proven ideal for messages that need to be sent outside of working hours.

Message performance.
It's second to none.

We are the first local company to have a contract for the delivery of the messages directly to the local operators. This ensures that the service has high security in sending and delivering the message. Our platform also ensures the delivery of more than 90% of the networks throughout the world.

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Save Your Time
with Us

Often the SMS marketing needs arise from an emergency. Our crew is fast and efficient in assisting all of your needs.

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The Highest
Quality Services

Whether you have simple questions or want to get the ball rolling, we're here to help. Please contact us below so we can get in touch!

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